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    您當前的位置 : 首 頁 > 產品中心 > 烘干機用的熱源有很多種糧食烘干塔 There are many kinds of food drying towers used in dryer

    烘干機用的熱源有很多種糧食烘干塔 There are many kinds of food drying towers used in dryer

    2024-06-03 00:10:08




    Grain drying tower in recent years, China's drying tower technology breakthroughs, relatively mature, to meet the needs of the domestic market. But compared with developed countries, there are still some gaps. Therefore, in order to learn foreign technology, drying enterprises should combine with the actual operation, explore, improve, accumulate experience, explore new technology and develop new technology. In the pursuit of environmental protection 21 practical, the use of the drying tower is very important in the process of environmental protection, it is necessary to constantly upgrade technology, strengthen environmental protection. Let domestic drying equipment and technology to a higher level.

    The faster the development of the industry, the more intense competition, the survival of the fittest is an early law, how to adapt to the development of enterprises in the end of the industry to lead the industry?

    First, the market trend is linked to market demand, demand led the development of the industry. Domestic technology needs innovation, the need is the birth of new products, enterprises only continue to tap their own technology, research and development of new products, unconventional, can be unique in the development of the industry. Can not only take the low-end route, to seek high-end market, so in the fierce competition will not be eliminated, but also to become the industry's core business. Drying equipment to develop in the direction of energy saving, many people feel that too much power in the dryer, dryer heat for there are many kinds of wood, natural gas, electricity, oil, etc., if you need to use electricity, with a high temperature heat pump dryer, the dryer is heating energy saving more than 70%. High temperature heat pump drying machine is mainly used for: letinous edodes, clothing, grain grain, fertilizer, mosquito repellent incense, cloth, tobacco, leather, vegetable dehydration, medicine, powder coal, slime, lignite, sludge, wood drying, etc.. High energy efficiency, safety and stability, energy saving. The utility model is an ordinary electric boiler, and the energy consumption of the fuel boiler is 1/4 to 1/3.